About Us

We Did the Research that can  Save You Time and Money.  Here's Why ...

By our nature, we are curious people, always looking to for ways to make things simple, and share that expertise with others.  Propersee Inc. was founded by M.I.T. grads who are generally curious about the world, and the first market we are helping do that is in combining technology with residential real estate called Housequarters.

Our team had a local church come to us and ask if we could help figure out a simple, inexpensive way to help broadcast mass on the web so older folks who could not make it could still see it, or people who could not make it for a wedding or funeral could still take part in the event.  We searched the Internet, and found no complete, simple solution to do this.  So we created our own hybrid solution to make it happen.

In launching DIYWebcaster.com, we are offering the full kits and components of what we built for this church, so others can create a robust webcast system, in a Do-it-Yourself friendly way for those institutions that cannot afford to have a high-end audio-visual contractor do it for them.

NOTE: On-site installation services are available in Massachusetts.  Contact us if you are interested.  Remote configuration services/trouble shooting are also available.