Best Free YouTube Live Encoder

YouTube Live is a great solution for sharing a good quality, live webcast with the world.  To make it work, an encoding software is needed.  Basically this software takes your video and audio stream from your local camera, converts it to a format YouTube Live can digest, and translate into your live stream.

YouTube recommends a few different software options, so we looked them all over.  In the end, we decided xSplitBroadcaster was the best option in most of the situations our customers use.  Here’s why:

  • xSplitBroadcaster includes all the main functions and settings you need to do a simple webcast, for free.  Yes, the basic version is FREE!
  • This software is designed to easily link to YouTube, so with just a few pieces of information, you can go live very quickly.
  • It includes basic settings for things like audio/video mixing, connecting with external cameras and microphones, in the free version
  • If you want some of their more advanced features, upgrading to the pro version is not that expensive.

Within all guides and kits, we specifically walk through how to use xSplitBroadcaster, configure it with the equipment and tools we recommend, and help you understand if it is worth it to upgrade or not.

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