Webcast Live for Free on your YouTube Channel

We searched around and looked at a lot of options for how to efficiently broadcast on the internet for free.  The idea was to do one or more webcasts per week, roughly an hour long, and have it available in an easy, efficient manner to all to see … while not having to pay any actual money.


In our search, we discovered YouTube Live to be the most efficient way to do it.  It was a simple as:

Why was YouTube great for us?

  1. They already have the infrastructure in place to support many viewers watching your cast simultaneously
  2. They automatically store your videos on your channel for later viewing
  3. It’s easy for people to subscribe to follow your channel
  4. We already know our choice encoding software works with it
  5. It’s FREE!

One thing to note.  Free does not always mean optimal.  While YouTube Live is a great value, there are things like video quality and other settings which would be slightly more helpful to make the quality of your cast better.  However, we did not find it to be enough of a benefit that we were ready to pay for it.

Our goal is to make it easier for your to create your own simple, free webcasts. DIYWebcaster.com offers the parts as well as full instruction/set-up guides and even remote support to help you make webcasting easy.



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  1. […] YouTube Live is a great solution for sharing a good quality, live webcast with the world.  To make it work, an encoding software is needed.  Basically this software takes your video and audio stream from your local camera, converts it to a format YouTube Live can digest, and translate into your live stream. […]

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